The Gingerdead Man

The Gingerdead Man

This film spawned (always spawned when talking about horror or sci-fi) two sequels, which frankly amazes me because it was obviously a real struggle to find material to fill the barely over an hour run time of this first outing. If we are going to put genre labels on it the comedy should come before the horror, because you’d really have to have some sort of irrational fear of baked goods to find this remotely scary. To say it stars Gary Busey is an overstatement as well, because he is relegated to voice actor in the first five minutes. But these are non-issues really, its a shlock take up of the horror genre and you get what you pay for, which is preferably as little as possible. You can tell it was fun to make, and a couple of the actors manage that feat of being very convincingly unconvincing, just hinting that maybe it is only because they are great actors that their acting is so awful, I particularly liked the bad boy love interest, his sensitive side was buried under literally one layer of aggression and indifference. This isnt Scary Movie, it doesnt mash as much genre reference into its short run time as possible, content to just let the protagonists run around what must be the largest bakery in America whilst a little asshole of a gingerbread man torments them, the film makers are not trying to be clever, they are just having a good time. The best thing about the film is what is apparently required to make a gingerdead man. I have listed below:

To make – One Gingerdead man, and aprox 5 Normal Men

Make up one dough mix as normal
Add in gingerbread mix – must be delivered by mysterious hooded figure
Add the blood of your best friend – this friend must be of the opposite gender but your relationship cannot be sexual
You’ll need the soul of the evil man who killed your brother you’ll need to make sure you use an electric oven, because somehow his soul has to travel through the electrical grid, one presumes it got in there as the was electric chaired to death.

If you can get all these things together, and I know that is a big ask, you’ll also need a massive gingerbread man cookie cutter. I mean huge, like literally, if people eat gingerbread men this size regularly we cant ask why we are becoming increasingly obese. In fact, if every cookie tried to kill you it might be a great way to lose weight, not only would you be put off eating it in the first place, but as you ran away from its sugary death threats you’d get a little excersise.


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