Sick – The Life and Death of Super Masochist Bob Flanagan

Sick – The Life and Death of Super Masochist…

This film is a tough watch. Partly because you spend a lot of time wincing, but that’s part of the point of filming those stuff I guess, because along with every wince there is a moment which will make you laugh, and for every one of those there seems to be three which will wrench your heart in ways quite like no other film I have seen. The whole project is brave and ambitious in its scope, we follow Bob through his relatively short life which at least partially revolves around some pretty hardcore s&m, he is sick in that he has cystic fibrosis. The film almost invites you to make the mistake of thinking that his sexual behaviour means he is sick, then shows you what a huge mistake this would be, along the way it raises too many questions to list here. Sick doesn’t tell you what to think, but it does insist that you do think.


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