Pirates! In an adventure with scientists!

Pirates! In an adventure with scientists!

Usually when a film begins by showing how pathetic/awful/unlikable its main character is I woefully unlookforward (or whatever the term for looking forward, but with woe might be) to spending the rest of the film trying ever so hard not to hate them, eventually failing and thinking “well why and earth did THEY get a happy ending”, unless of course its a nice tragedy in which case I sometimes think “well they pretty much deserved that, the idiot” (see Coreolanus, or sticking with good old Shakespeare that Juliet amd Romeo could have solved a lot of their problems if they had just solved their communication issues). But this film, this is different! The brilliant captain of Pirates! Is a complete and utter tool, but eventually comes good and does the right thing. The concept isn’t exactly new, person is idiot, realises idiocy is ruining friendships/lovelife/life in general, then changes their ways, but those other versions of the story don’t have pirates…or scientists!

Fairly soon after watching this I was lucky enough to see the ship used in the film, it was pretty beautifully made, if pirates, scientists and a good “not being an idiot anymore” story are not enough for you then watching this film alone just for the “its so cool how they made this” momemts is almost worth it.


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