Find Me Guilty

Find Me Guilty

Find me Guilty is a pretty good film. It is a great story about a mobster who decides to serve as his own lawyer, all good you say, except he is up on a rico charge which could see his whole crime family go down. If you don’t know what a rico charge is, go watch some more gangster movies you sap. So clearly having this fly by night in the court room is seen as a bad thing by all the other guys, no matter that he is a real charmer. Clearly they are guilty, the film isn’t really about that, it sort of breezes past the whole ‘crime is wrong’ thing, its half way a comedy so they wouldn’t want to bring the mood down with no ethics. The problem, the big problem, isn’t even with the film. It’s with the DVD cover:


Now Vin Diesel plays the wise guy who is defending himself. He does a really good job as well, turning in a performance that is way above his usual action hero standards. The thing is, he has hair, and wears a suit… and the only lengthy time inside a jail cell is spent adjusting his bed so he can sleep (bad back you see). Its the furthest from action movie you’ll ever see Vin in. So why the hell does this DVD case make it look like shits gonna blow up?


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