I couldnt wait to rent this, I remember being so scared watching this when I was about fourteen, I remembered it being BRILLIANT! What I did not remember however is that it is ridiculously … weird… there are some parts that make absolutely no sense at all! I suppose fourteen year old me didnt really register that I didnt really know if I was supposed to feel sorry for the Candyman character or be scared of him, watching it now I just sort of wanted to give him a cuddle and say “look, I know you had it rough, but that was literally hundreds of years ago, things are different now, stop killing people with a giant hook”, that said the occupants of the tower block where much of the film takes place are all pretty much negative stereotypes …

Candyman is the third best hook operator after Abu Hamza and … Hook, who was so good at hook operation that he named himself it. Still wont say it into a mirror five times though.


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