Avengers Assemble

Avengers Assemble

I do not know a single person who does not love Iron Man, and the cool thing about Avengers Assemble was that it had just the same sort of “if we think it will look cool, we’ll do it” attitude. I was never a huge comic book fan when I was a kid, so when I have been hearing people saying that at last this was the comic book film that really captured what they saw in their minds eye when they were younger I could never agree, I was just far too cool to like comic books (thats a lie, I just geeked out with other things), but what this film does is make up for all the crappy hulk incarnations of the past, finally there is no pretending that anyone cares in the slightest about the inner turmoil of being the hulk, we literally came to see him smash, and smash he does. I actually really enjoyed the Captain America film because it was intelligent (more intelligent than the hulk films) and it looked prettier than most of the other franchises put together so I was pleased when old captain was not completely eclipsed by his more obviously super power endowed cohort. I just hope that this new strain of super hero movie continues, we have lived for too long with a moaning little bitch spider man, who whilst not an Avenger is symptomatic of the issue in super hero movies of way too much emoting going on and not enough superness. Sure maybe your double life is hard, but you are super for goodness sake, enjoy it, a little more like Tony Stark.

EDIT: I have been informed that Spider Man is in fact an avenger, but sony own the rights to the character and as such he does not appear in the film. This all sounds a bit too much like a convenient excuse for what really happened, spiderman turned up and hulk bitch slapped him out of a window for being such a crybaby.


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