21 And Over

21 And Over

I contacted the makers of this film by telegraph and asked them a few questions, the questions and responses are below –

Is your fim racist?                Yes
Is your film homophobic?   Yes
Is your film sexist?               erm…yes…
Wow thats the big three, I would say congrations but… I have a few more questions to ask…
Does your film accurately represent the college experience in contemporary U.S.A?    No
Does your film glorify alcohol consumption?      well yeah I guess….but one of the drinking games was just drinking milk
Does your film actually say that drinking milk is a drinking game, I.E could you not even think of eight drinking games?     er…yes…I mean no…

Is your film funny?        I guess? I dont know? Some kids found it funny
Was it the racist sexist homophobic kids who dont drink who found it funny? ….Yeah I dont know, I just got paid to answer these questions man….

To be clear, no one involved in the making of 21 and Over was involved in the writing of this post.


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