The Bathroom 35mm Developing Kit Shopping List


The Bathroom 35mm Developing Kit Shopping List

The only time I have ever taken a roll of film to be developed at a lab has been when I was given some expired film that included a couple of rolls of colour. Colour film is a bit more complicated to develop than black and white, and as such I have never attempted to develop it in my bathroom.

When I started using film I knew I wanted to develop it myself, but I also wanted to avoid spending a great deal of money on equipment that I might only use a couple of times. I have also always quite liked the DIY ethic of putting a developing kit together for as little money as possible. Fast forward a few years, and through a mixture of ebay, freecycle and other people being generous with their old kit, I basically have a pretty great home development setup. However I still get asked fairly regularly what I use, and if it is expensive. 

So I put together ‘The Bathroom 35mm Developing Kit Shopping List’. Full disclosure, I put this together a couple of years ago, but I think all of the prices are still pretty much accurate. What the list does is outlines everything you’d need to develop black and white film at home in your bathroom. There are three parts – one column gives you everything you could possibly need (the total is £141), another gives you some cheaper/free alternatives if you want to get started for as little money as possible. This comes out at £56.60 – not bad if you are on a budget. Finally, the last column gives an overview of what the item is/is for. 

You can download the list as a PDF here: The Bathroom 35mm Developing Kit Shopping List

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