Saints and Soldiers

Saints and Soldiers

Saints and Soldiers kept me entertained, I especially liked the ridiculous stereotype of an R.A.F pilot. But Band of Brothers meets the Longest Day this is not. Oh wait… It says it is exactly that on the D.V.D case. So I guess it was sort of like a fairly long, and lower budget episode of Band of Brothers, in that some men in it had guns. It says at the beginning that its based on true events. Those events were World War II, which did indeed happen, and is thus “true”. No, this is all unfair, like I said its not a bad film. My real issue is with the D.VD case, the . intentionally left out of D.V.D there. That’s how bad this case is. For a start it is covered with its film festival wins, it says it has 13 on the back, and lists seven on the front … International film festivals which took place in America. Every single one. The second problem is when you start using quotes from you might as well start using quotes from, trust me I’ll charge significantly less and will come up with something better than “awesome”. In fact they could have used “Saints and Soldiers kept me entertained” for free.

  • jordanandeddie

    Its very much a war film made (and funded) by Christians, and one I enjoyed immensely upon renting it as a random action/war title myself.
    Cheers, Jordan.

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